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What is a Mini Facelift? 

As we grow older, the skin covering the fatty tissue on our faces begins to loosen and sag in various places. This ‘loosening of skin’ produces wrinkles and enhances skin folds of the face and this is why mini-facelifts are generally more appropriate for people who show signs of ageing in the mid-face only, without a severe amount of excess skin around their jaw line and neck. Mini facelifts do not stop the aging process; they merely set the clock back a while. 

When considering a mini-facelift it should be remembered that the procedure will leave you younger and fresher looking, however more extensive techniques can give better correction (and long term) of the ageing changes in the face. You can discuss your goals, budget, and risk tolerance with your surgeon to decide on the plan that is best for you. 

In many cases, a min-facelift is performed along with other procedures, such as brow and forehead lifts, eyelid surgery, facial liposuction, chin augmentation and nose surgery, for an overall more satisfying appearance. 

Who is a suitable candidate for facelift surgery? 

One or more of the following conditions may indicate that you are a good candidate for a facelift: 

· A deep line or fold, running from the corner of your nose to the corner of your mouth 

· A slight jowl, or loss of a well-defined jaw line 

· Wrinkles in the cheeks and sagging of the ‘highlight’ areas of the cheekbones 

How long does a mini-facelift last? 

Whilst a younger appearance can be achieved with a mini-facelift procedure, the ageing process will not stop. The results of a mini-facelift are in reality not as long lasting as those of a full face lift procedure. No guarantee can be given by anyone as to how long a mini-facelift will satisfy a patient. 

Where are the scars placed during a mini-facelift? 

The scars from mini-facelifts usually fade becoming barely perceptible. An advantage is that sometimes scars may be as little as one-half the length of traditional face-lifts. 

What is the difference between a mini-facelift and a full facelift? 

A mini face-lift has a shorter, much more limited incision than that of a traditional face-lift. The incisions used are shorter. 

How is the mini-facelift procedure performed? 

Incisions usually begin above the hairline at the temples; follow the natural line in front of the ear and membrane, then the skin is pulled back, and the excess removed. Stitches secure the layers of tissue and close the incisions. 

Duration of operation - 1 hour (general anesthesia) 

Hospital stay: 0-1 night 

What to expect immediately after surgery 

Mini-facelifts can be performed quickly and with little risk, however you should consider that the degree of correction achieved by these lifts is also less. A 7 night stay is recommended in Turkey following a mini-facelift procedure. Most people can return to work within two weeks of their surgery however final results will take longer to be seen. The face and head may feel tight and sore, and it will be wrapped in bandages to help minimize bruising and swelling for the first 24 to 48 hours. Initially you may feel emotional or cold but these feelings are temporary. Bruising and swelling are common after face and neck surgery but both feelings and appearance are transient, and usually start to subside after the first week. 

How can I hide the signs of the facial surgery? 

Camouflage cosmetics, including concealer, contour shadow and colour corrector may be used. Lavender neutralizes or removes yellow, and green has a similar effect on red. 

How long will it be before I return to my normal life? 

Most patients are able to return to work in one to two weeks after a mini-face lift procedure. You should really allow four weeks before major social engagements.

Face Neck Lift Turkey

Face Lift


A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that improves visible signs of aging in the face and neck, such as:

  • Relaxation of the skin of the face causing sagging

  • Deepening of the fold lines between the nose and corner of the mouth

  • Fat that has fallen or has disappeared

  • Jowls developing in the cheeks and jaw

  • Loose skin and excess fat of the neck that can appear as a double chin or "turkey neck"

Face Lift can't do

As a restorative surgery, a facelift does not change your fundamental appearance and cannot stop the aging process.

A facelift can only be performed surgically; minimally invasive rejuvenation treatments cannot achieve the same results, but may help delay the time at which a facelift becomes appropriate and complement the results of surgery.

Some minimally invasive treatments, such as stem cell facelifts, are of unproven benefit.

Face Neck Lift Turkey

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